Kaylee McMahon- The

Apartment QueenTM

  • Founder The Apartment QueenTM/Apartment Queen Investments- 2019
  • Founder of SheVest APP- 2020. Founder of Big Sister Security- 2021
  • Founder of ReByKaylee LLC Residential Real Estate Brokerage- 2018
  • Fund manager Vernafund20- 2020

Kaylee McMahon is the founder and CEO of Apartment Queen Investments, where she’s helping more women access the wealth-building power of multi-family real estate investments.

Between YEAR and YEAR, Kaylee sold over 3 million dollars in residential real estate before transitioning to her current full-time syndication role. Since then, she’s purchased over $64 M in multi-family real estate as General Partner and Principle and taken 3 multi-family properties full cycle, from acquisition to refurb. to sale.

As the founder of Women Who Invest Wednesdays, Kaylee is passionate about helping women build the wealth they need to be financially independent, so that they can escape & avoid toxic relationships and financial abuse.

Daniella Garcia

Daniella Garcia has been serving the Dallas Fort Worth market for 4 years as a local Texas licensed Real Estate Agent. She is a Single family real estate investor, specializing in helping distressed property owners and offering affordable housing with owner financing terms. She graduated from Stephen F Austin with a degree in elementary education and a minor in communications and photojournalism. Since moving to Fort Worth in 2012, taking an internship at a local elementary school, she realized that there was more self preparation to be able to make an impact in children's lives. At that point, she entered the retail business selling suits to real estate women. Thus, growing her desire in fashionably encouraging and supporting like minded business women.

Since then she has joined alongside The Apartment Queen Investments as an Jr Acquisitions team member and Women Who Invest Wednesdays as event planner.

Our Mission

Provide convenient education on the pros and cons of any investment which makes cashflow To women, and those who want to empower women, to create their own secure cashflow and generational wealth. This will empower women to create financial freedom, reduce poverty and abuse.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a community of omen who are actively building wealth by investing and willing to share and encourage other women to grow in a similar fashion.

We will Invest together and have control as a force to be reckoned with.

Plus -we share the secrets that aren’t secrets …but traditionally held by women. This is how financial

abuse happens. We are here to stop this!

Contribute to Apartment queen investments 1 billion Female investors by 2030

Learn how to invest your money from women investors who are building real wealth

Women Who Invest Wednesdays is a space for women to come together and share their investment expertise. So that more women can experience full financial freedom thanks to the security of steady cash flow.

Women have been excluded from wealth-building for far too long But that ends now

For far too long, women have been left out of meetings excluded from “Old Boy’s Clubs”... controlled by and at the mercy of men because they don’t have the knowledge of investing they need to create financial freedom for themselves

Did you know the gender wealth gap is even bigger

then the gender pay gap?

The financial industry as it stands today was built by men, for men.

We say “No more!”

Women are 80% more likely than men to experience poverty after retiring

Single white women have only 32 cents for every dollar owned by a single white man. And, on average, women of color have only a penny!

Women make up only 14% of financial advisors and manage only 2% of the dollars in mutual funds.

It’s time for women to start building the kind of wealth that will help us change the world.

Our Mission

We’re dedicated to helping women make ell-educated decisions on the best investments for their needs. By sharing the strategies and tactics that work (and the ones that don’t), we aim to help more women create the kind of steady investment cash flow that sets them free.

Our Methods

We invite female investors who are living what they teach to share real results (both good and bad!). Because we’re all about teaching what you actually *do*, not just what you’ve learned, our speakers must have at least 2 years of experience and be able to show receipts!

Our Vision for the Future

Our vision is to create a community of women who are actively building wealth by investing, and who are willing to share what they’ve learned in order to encourage other women to grow. Together, we’ll grow our collective wealth and become a force to be reckoned with.

Join us for Women Who Invest Wednesdays

If you want to learn real-world wealth-building strategies from women who are actively practicing what they teach,

When you sign up to this community exclusively for female investors, you get access to all of our in-person and virtual meetups – plus our private Facebook group – for just $5/month!

  • Join us in person and enjoy a free glass of wine (or another beverage) as you network with other women investors and learn about new opportunities to build your wealth.
  • The monthly panel discussions take place in Clubhouse, meaning you can learn from our experts even if you can’t attend our local events, plus
  • Get access to our Member’s Only Facebook group, where you’ll be able to soak up the wisdom of more experienced investors AND connect with other women on the rise

Our monthly get-togethers are the place to be for women who are passionate about building generational wealth so that they can close the gender wealth gap and change the world.

Daniella Garcia

4 year Local real estate agent in DFW market.

She is currently on multi family acquisitions and event planning for Apartment Queen Investments.

When you sign up for Women who Invest Wednesdays, your membership includes:

When you sign up for Women who Invest Wednesdays, your membership includes:

  • Monthly panel discussions via Clubhouse AND in-person get-togethers in Dallas-Fort Worth
  • Monthly panel discussions via Clubhouse AND in-person get-togethers in Dallas-Fort Worth
  • Access to our Member’s Only Facebook group, where you can soak up the wisdom more experienced investors have to offer AND connect with other women …all for just $5/month!

Ready to learn real-world investment strategies that are working right now?

Sign up For Our Exclusive Community

Get UNLIMITED access to our group, meetups in-person and virtual (no need to get a sitter or put pants on!) Get your Monthly Tickets to Women Who Invest Wednesday without having to register, Get a FREE glass of wine if in person, and have Free access to our live online networking during our events.

PLUS access to our private Facebook group where we share our investing secrets with each other.

Questions you might have about this unique community for women investors:

If you’re new to investing, this is the perfect place to learn! Seriously, so many investment-focused environments are full of macho men bragging about their alleged success without any proof the strategies they recommend actually work—that couldn’t be farther from what we do. Women Who Invest Wednesdays is all about bringing together female investors, experienced and new, to share their (proven) strategies and help lift each other up. Our guest experts always have a minimum of 2 years experience using the strategies they teach and we ask them to show receipts. When you’re new to investing, you need to be able to ask questions, get answers and know that the people you’re learning from aren’t trying to sell you anything. We created this space to be exactly that. So we hope you’ll come check it out.
Absolutely! In fact, because we require our guest experts to have experience succeeding with the strategies they’re sharing with our group, the WWIW community is a great place for experienced investors to meet, swap stories and come away with insights that would be hard to access in other places. The informal, non-salesy atmosphere of the group means not only will you learn from the featured speakers, you’ll also be able to make similarly motivated connections & network with local women making waves. Intrigued? Come join us! There’s nothing quite like this community.
We use the Clubhouse app to host our panel-style discussions, which take place on the 3rd Wednesday of each month from 6-6:45 pm CT. This is where you’ll learn from experts who have at least 2+ years of experience making profits from their investment class. They’ll share the pros and cons of their strategies, and you’ll have the opportunity to ask your questions and get answers on the spot. Right after, on the same night, we meet from 7-8:30 pm CT for an in-person networking event. Members will receive the address to that month’s location by email a couple of days before each month’s event.
While we’ll miss you at the in-person portion of our events, you’ll be able to listen to the recording of the Clubhouse panel discussion once it’s uploaded to our private member’s Facebook group.
We’ve covered blockchain technologies, stocks, multi-family real estate, marijuana, buying businesses, auto flipping, short-term/vacation rentals and more. As long as the presenter is making money from it, we’re open to discussions of any investment class you can think of.
In the next meetups happening this year, we’ll look at angel investing, fractional jet ownership, art, NFTs, movies and AI. Is there an investment strategy you’d like to learn more about? Let us know and we’ll see if there’s an expert in our extensive network who’d be willing to join us & present. Have a strategy that’s been working for you? As long as you’ve been making a profit with that investment class for at least 2 years, we’d love to hear from you! We’re always looking for speakers who’ll share the pros/cons of their investment class so that our members can learn from their experience.
When you join the Women Who Invest Wednesdays Community, you get access to: Monthly panel discussions via Clubhouse AND in-person get-togethers in Dallas-Fort Worth A glass of wine (or other beverage) for you to enjoy while you network with other women investors Access to our Member’s Only Facebook group, where you can soak up the wisdom more experienced investors have to offer AND connect with other women

"People want to focus on being strong or succeeding at one thing

in order to see massive results in

that area. It isn't about how much

you earn, it is about how much

you keep"

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